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Techsoup Africa

The ICT procurement platform I founded, initially called NGO.ZA, was acquired by USA-based TechSoup Global.

The journey

Meant to be a service to corporates to meet their social responsibility needs (CSR) I conceptualised NGO.ZA while at SANGONeT. NGO.ZA was conceived as an easy-to-use platform that had a direct back-end integration with companies such as Microsoft and Cisco to enable free (or heavily discounted) software and hardware procurement for South African civil society organisations.  Eventually it grew to include all African NGOS.

My job entailed writing the UI cases (73 pages), implementing the actual user interface and Ieading the team that created the complex back-end. I also contributed a unique workflow system to first vet and verify the NGO applicants before they can order software and hardware at highly subsidised prices.

I was programme manager when this project was implemented.

I drew  upon my extensive experience working in the civil society sector in South Africa – I knew intimately the limitations of NGOs and was able to convince funders to support this project. Much of the UX features we employed to ensure wider accessibility in the African context are hidden away behind the registration option. 

After launch, NGO.ZA proved to be a success and was later acquired by TechSoup Global.