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South Africa’s state broadcaster commissioned an education-focused social media platform to serve both learners and educators.

The journey

The project was a learner-assistance and collaborative social network, primarily for students approaching their Matric exams. Provision for educators to engage with the learners to mentor and guide them in a safe and monitored environment was a part of the brief.

The UX journey started with research conducted on a sample group of the intended audience.

On-site workshops were held at seven schools and the results were captured in a document. This document eventually became the source of 12 different Use Cases.

Although the workshops were enthusiastically attended, we discovered from the practical exercises that there was a clear lack of proficiency (internet literacy) in the intended audience, not just the learners but the educators as well. Hence the interface was designed to be as simple as possible.

Furthermore, due to many learners coming from economically backward households with severe financial constraints and having limited internet access we had to develop an alternative option of having text only as the interface. This would result in the platform serving primary as a chat channel, albeit in a safe environment. 

A responsive design ensured access through mobile devices.

Corporate presence

In addition to the above work, the web presence of SABC Education was comprehensively redesigned from scratch to reflect the SABC’s corporate design guidelines. A screenshot of the redesign of the SABC Education corporate website is below. 

Project status: Due to the resignation and subsequent demise of the project sponsor, the late Ms. Nickoline Florence, eDev is currently in a state of limbo at SABC Education. Note that the corporate website was taken over completely by the client and therefore has now changed substantially from my UI design.


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