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My mantra is to simplify, simplify and simplify again while maintaining a delicate balance with maximum functionality.

Agile Project Manager
UX Specialist

Joseph is a technology professional with over seven years’ experience in project management, fifteen years in deployment of customer-facing applications, and over eight years in UI design and UX projects. Areas of expertise are 

  • UX architecture and UI design
  • Agile project philosophy
  • Scrum methodologies
  • Leadership, line management, budgeting, technical writing, and training.



South Africa’s state broadcaster commissioned an education-focused social media platform to serve both learners and educators.

TechSoup Africa

The ICT procurement platform I founded, initially called NGO.ZA was acquired by USA-based TechSoup Global.


Web presence and intranet platform for the Innovation for Change initiative, a global network with seven regional hubs across the world, hosted by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation

Central Case Management System

A nationwide project for an easy-to-use web-based centralised database for community advice offices, staffed by paralegals, in South Africa



This is a responsive website for a blockchain app that I am developing in my spare time. The app allows employers to capture staff histories in an immutable fashion, so that no fraudulent claim of prior employment occurs. It will be cryptocurrency enabled as well.

Rosa Designs

An online boutique store


Spelling to Communicate

A simple one-page site that demonstrates how information can be imparted without complexity

Sensory Stuff

An e-commerce site that I built and supported for several years

RJM Healthcare

Other work I have done